A Week In Review!

Hey friends! In case you missed me this week, here is a list  of the posts I made this week!

Sunday: I started a new feature post called “If you like.” It’s basically where I give a recommendation based on if you enjoyed another book. Here is my first one for If you liked My Life Next Door.

Monday: Unfortunately, I had a ton to do on Monday, so I didn’t get around to posting anything! 😦

Tuesday: I posted a short little review for As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner. Because it’s not YA, I just kept it simple

Wednesday: Another new type of feature post called “Outfits Inspired By Books.” This one is for the Great Gatsby. I also posted the first post in my new genre series, this one is talking about my top chick-lit books!

Thursday: My first quotables post for adversity!

Friday: Check out my links of the week!


Coming up this week~

There should be a review coming for Twenties Girl. Also, I will be posting another feature for my genre series! This week will be my top three classics, with mini reviews for each.


XO, Ashley



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