Links of the Week: 4/24

Hey everyone! Here’s another look at what I’ve found surfing the interwebs!

  1. Getting a new home? Looking for accents? Are you just bored? Here’s the psychology of color!
  2. For when you are in a rainy mood
  3. Looking to cheer up your friend? Here are 20 ways to brighten a person’s day!
  4. 12 great books and the perfect mood to read them in?! I’ll have to watch my moods…
  5. Hey, if you are trying to spruce up your writing, Here a 32 beautiful English words.
  6. Calling my fellow history buffs! Here are 40 rare and important archaeological finds!
  7. Well I’m now thoroughly confused, let’s see if you can understand the pixar theory.
  8. Okay I have 2 cats so anything to help me keep the litterbox area clean is much appreciated!
  9. Looking to get strong feet? Here are some exercises to help yah out!

cs lewis

Have a great weekend everyone!

XO Ashley


One thought on “Links of the Week: 4/24

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