My Bucket List

Yep, a random post. There are so many things that I haven’t done yet. Since I’m in my 20s, this is the prime time to do some of these things. I thought, maybe if I wrote them down, I would be more likely to pursue these:

  1. Go to New Zealand- Uh hello?! Lord of the Rings! Yes, this is my nerd showing. My boyfriend and I have always said that if we were to go somewhere together, it would be New Zealand.new_zealand_hobbiton_shire_house_view_copy
  2. Get a tattoo- I think my mom would die if she saw this one, but hey, I want one! Just something small and meaningful. Perhaps one with my favorite bible verse or Harry Potter related? I don’t know, but this definitely won’t be until after I graduated.
  3. Attend Coachella- You all know you want to too! i remember when Snapchat did that little like look inside Coachella and yes I want the whole thing: the flower crowns, yummy foods, and most of all AWESOME MUSIC.landscape-1460484627-coachella-2015-street-style-144
  4. Run a 5k- I know that for some this isn’t that much, but I want to do it to prove it to myself.
  5. Complete the Army 10 miler with my Dad- Okay so this one is sort of a long shot, but my Dad used to do it every year, and I want to be able to run it with him to show him my support!      tablet-logo
  6. Make my own cosplay- I’ve done this before, but it’s been a pretty simple one (Sophie’s dress from Howl’s Moving Castle). I want to make one that is semi complicated, that I can be proud of.
  7. Go back to London- London is one of my most favorite places. I want to go back (preferably alone) to explore. I’ve never traveled alone so I think this would be the place to do it.tumblr_n03bmiInuA1rj0vlno3_1280
  8. Hold a baby turtle- This doesn’t need much of an explanation, who doesn’t want to hold a baby turtle?!
  9. Learn how to knit- Yes I’m a granny. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could knit a nice sweater for someone for the holidays?!
  10. Become more familiar with the sewing machine- So I know my sewing machines basic settings: “on” and “off.” For anything else, I have to get my mom to help me. I’d be more likely to sew more stuff and that always equals happiness for me.
  11. Go on a cruise with my sorority sisters- We have always talked about doing this, but have never followed through. I think this would be an awesome spring break trip.
  12. Get one of those pedicures with the little fish- One of my Mom’s friends did it and she said that it felt really weird, but cool.
  13. Go to a winery/brewery- There are SO many in my area, and it seems silly that I haven’t been to one yet. I will get to this one this summer!bold-rock-hard-cider
  14. Go fruit picking and make a pie- I’ve been fruit picking before, but I only ate it raw, and I think it would be fun to make a pie with it!
  15. Go paddleboarding- I just think this seems really cool and apparently it is a good workout.Paddleboarding
  16. Go to Powells books in Portland- Yeah this is a given. One of my professors said that if you ever go to Oregon, you MUST go to Powells.
  17. Start a shop on Etsy- No idea what I would sell, but I just think it would be really cool.

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