My Bucket List

Yep, a random post. There are so many things that I haven’t done yet. Since I’m in my 20s, this is the prime time to do some of these things. I thought, maybe if I wrote them down, I would be more likely to pursue these:

  1. Go to New Zealand- Uh hello?! Lord of the Rings! Yes, this is my nerd showing. My boyfriend and I have always said that if we were to go somewhere together, it would be New Zealand.new_zealand_hobbiton_shire_house_view_copy
  2. Get a tattoo- I think my mom would die if she saw this one, but hey, I want one! Just something small and meaningful. Perhaps one with my favorite bible verse or Harry Potter related? I don’t know, but this definitely won’t be until after I graduated.
  3. Attend Coachella- You all know you want to too! i remember when Snapchat did that little like look inside Coachella and yes I want the whole thing: the flower crowns, yummy foods, and most of all AWESOME MUSIC.landscape-1460484627-coachella-2015-street-style-144
  4. Run a 5k- I know that for some this isn’t that much, but I want to do it to prove it to myself.
  5. Complete the Army 10 miler with my Dad- Okay so this one is sort of a long shot, but my Dad used to do it every year, and I want to be able to run it with him to show him my support!      tablet-logo
  6. Make my own cosplay- I’ve done this before, but it’s been a pretty simple one (Sophie’s dress from Howl’s Moving Castle). I want to make one that is semi complicated, that I can be proud of.
  7. Go back to London- London is one of my most favorite places. I want to go back (preferably alone) to explore. I’ve never traveled alone so I think this would be the place to do it.tumblr_n03bmiInuA1rj0vlno3_1280
  8. Hold a baby turtle- This doesn’t need much of an explanation, who doesn’t want to hold a baby turtle?!
  9. Learn how to knit- Yes I’m a granny. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could knit a nice sweater for someone for the holidays?!
  10. Become more familiar with the sewing machine- So I know my sewing machines basic settings: “on” and “off.” For anything else, I have to get my mom to help me. I’d be more likely to sew more stuff and that always equals happiness for me.
  11. Go on a cruise with my sorority sisters- We have always talked about doing this, but have never followed through. I think this would be an awesome spring break trip.
  12. Get one of those pedicures with the little fish- One of my Mom’s friends did it and she said that it felt really weird, but cool.
  13. Go to a winery/brewery- There are SO many in my area, and it seems silly that I haven’t been to one yet. I will get to this one this summer!bold-rock-hard-cider
  14. Go fruit picking and make a pie- I’ve been fruit picking before, but I only ate it raw, and I think it would be fun to make a pie with it!
  15. Go paddleboarding- I just think this seems really cool and apparently it is a good workout.Paddleboarding
  16. Go to Powells books in Portland- Yeah this is a given. One of my professors said that if you ever go to Oregon, you MUST go to Powells.
  17. Start a shop on Etsy- No idea what I would sell, but I just think it would be really cool.

One Product I’m Loving Right Now

Hey guys! So I haven’t done a makeup post in a while. Just to get something out there for you all, I’m going to talk about my absolute favorite concealer at the moment.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer


This is probably no surprise to anyone that I’m basically obsessed with the concealer. It is so blendable and it gives me just an overall good finish on my skin. Concealers are ones that I tend to splurge on, just because I haven’t found one that has been like amazing from the drugstore (if you know of one, please comment below and I’ll check it out!). I do tend to use a lot of concealer, and this has lasted me a long time. I’m about to cry because it is almost out and I have no idea whether I should get another one or try something new…decisions decisions!




Anticipated Summer Releases

Ayyy yooo! Yeah I’ve been inactive, but I’m a student and I finally have some time to work on this blog! I’m so excited because I have so many ideas for posts.

So I’ve really been looking at some sweet books coming out this summer and I’m getting really excited. These are in no particular order and I tried to narrow it down to just three!

  1. This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab — July 5th, 2016


So, I’m about to get real with you guys. I’ve only read one book by Victoria Schwab, and it was the first book of The Archived series. For some reason I never picked up the next book in the series, but I remember the first book being really good.

Here is a summary from Schwab’s website:

This Savage Song tells the story of two teens in a broken world, where violent acts start breeding actual monsters. Some are shadows with teeth that feed on flesh and bone. Some are corpses that feed on blood. And some can pass for human. Those rare creatures feed on souls.

It’s the story of Kate Harker, the only daughter of a crime boss, and August Flynn, the son of a man trying to hold his city together. Kate is a human who wants to be a monster, and August a monster who wishes he were human.

Uhh cool right?! I have a feeling that this one will creep me out, but in a good way. I believe this is going to be a series, but again I’m not sure.

2. A Week of Mondays by Jessica Brody — August 2nd, 2016


Okay, if you all know me, I LOVE a good chick lit. I breeze through them and its a fun little treat from something like fantasy (which I’ve been reading a lot of recently). I don’t know about you, but when I’m at the beach, I want something fun! I spend like all day on the beach so I tend to bring 3 or 4 of them to go through. Even though I won’t be at the beach in August, this will be a nice pool read!

Here is a summary from Brody’s webpage:

When I made the wish, I just wanted a do-over. Another chance to make things right. I never, in a million years, thought it might actually come true…

Sixteen-year-old Ellison Sparks is having a serious case of the Mondays. She gets a ticket for running a red light, she manages to take the world’s worst school picture, she bombs softball try-outs and her class election speech (note to self: never trust a cheerleader when she swears there are no nuts in her bake-sale banana bread), and to top it all off, Tristan, her gorgeous rocker boyfriend suddenly dumps her. For no good reason!

As far as Mondays go, it doesn’t get much worse than this. And Ellie is positive that if she could just do it all over again, she would get it right. So when she wakes up the next morning to find she’s reliving the exact same day, she knows what she has to do: stop her boyfriend from breaking up with her. But it seems no matter how many do-overs she gets or how hard Ellie tries to repair her relationship, Tristan always seems bent set on ending it. Will Ellie ever figure out how to fix this broken day? Or will she be stuck in this nightmare of a Monday forever?

From the author 52 Reasons to Hate My Father and The Unremembered trilogy comes a hilarious and heartwarming story about second (and third and fourth and fifth) chances. Because sometimes it takes a whole week of Mondays to figure out what you really want.

Like I said, something sort of low-stakes and kind of mindless for lack of a better word.

3. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling — July 31st, 2016

29056083 Uh, this is obvious, sorry (not sorry). I know this is a play and everything but yeah, I’m still buying it and reading it in one day WITH NO SHAME.

Here’s the summary from Goodreads:

Based on an original new story by J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, a new play by Jack Thorne, is the first official Harry Potter story to be presented on stage. It will receive its world premiere in London’s West End on 30th July 2016

It was always difficult being Harry Potter and it isn’t much easier now that he is an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband, and father of three school-age children.

While Harry grapples with a past that refuses to stay where it belongs, his youngest son Albus must struggle with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted. As past and present fuse ominously, both father and son learn the uncomfortable truth: sometimes darkness comes from unexpected places.

AHHHHHHHH. I’m so pumped everyone. I’m just…yeah no words.

So that’s only three, but I plan to be updating it every once in a while. Please let me know what you are excited for!

Book Review: Grim Short Stories


“If good men pretend to be villains, how is anybody supposed to know the difference between them?”


Edited by: Christine Johnston

Features short stories from authors: Ellen Hopkins, Amanda Hocking, Julie Kagawa, Claudia Gray, Rachel Hawkins, Kimberly Derting, Myra McEntire, Malinda Lo, Sarah Rees Brennan, Jackson Pearce, Christine Johnston, Jeri Smith-Ready, Shaun David Hutchinson, Saundra Mitchell, Sonia Gensler, Tessa Gratton, and John Skovron

Publisher: Harlequin Teen


Summary (Goodreads): 

Inspired by classic fairy tales, but with a dark and sinister twist, Grim contains short stories from some of the best voices in young adult literature today: (lists the authors shown above)

My Thoughts: 

Okay so all I really needed to see was the name Ellen Hopkins and this cover to buy this. It also features some authors I have either heard of or have books that I do eventually want to read, but some of them I have never heard of! Some of the stories, as with any anthology, I felt were better than others. I loved Ellen Hopkins’ retelling of The Snow Queen, but I also fell in love with some that I wasn’t expecting! Claudia Gray’s story brought me to near tears, yes I’m a cry baby.

Some of these were actually retellings with some sort of twist, but some I didn’t even know if they were retellings or not. Maybe I’m just not that versed in fairy tales.

Overall, it was just a fun read! The stories didn’t feel too heavy but they didn’t feel like fluff either (most of the time). If you’re a fan of fairy tales, I would definitely recommend this one, but some do have a modern twist. Also, if you are interested in reading any of these authors, an anthology like this is a great way to get introduced to their writing style and see if you like it or not!

My Rating: 4 Stars


Makeup Review: Stila Huge Mascara

Hey everyone! I hope you all are happy and healthy and most of all warm! I don’t know where you all are from but where I’m from is SUPER COLD. Anyways, I’m here to share with you a product I got in a Birchbox maybe a month ago? Somewhere around there. But anyways, my old mascara that I so dearly love (the Rimmel Xtreme mascara- I think that’s what it’s called?). I rummaged through some old samples I received and found this gem.


So, if I’m going to be perfectly honest, I do like this mascara. I really do, however, I do feel like my go to drugstore mascaras can give me the same effect. I also kind of felt like this was a little bit clumpy (but that might be because of the travel size?). It does thicken pretty well, but my lashes are already pretty thick, and it lengthens. Additionally, this mascara is CRAZY HARD to get off. It took me probably twice as long to take off my makeup because of this mascara.

Overall, it’s nice. But that’s about it for me. I wouldn’t be willing to pay the obscene amount of money for something I can buy at Ulta in the drugstore section.

Current Makeup Routine

Yay for my first beauty related post! I’m honestly just posting this so you all can get a feel for what products I like. I would post pictures of myself but my nice camera is having some glitches right now.

1.) First I start off with applying the Mary Kay Oil Mattifier all in my T-Zone (around my nose). This is where my face gets the most oily throughout the day so I need a product to help me out and this one seems to be doing the trick!

oil mattifier

2.) Then I go ahead and put on my foundation. I’ve been using the  Clinique Beyond Perfecting foundation and I use the applicator to put it on my face and go back with a BH Cosmetics 30 Brush to blend it in. I cannot tell you how much I just love this foundation. It gives me just the right amount of coverage and Clinique products hardly ever fail me.

3.) I’ve been currently using the treStique mini concealer crayon for my undereyes for the time being (I use the color bisque). It came in my birchbox while I was at school and I reached for it when my Clinique concealer ran out. It’s been doing the job, but I am on the hunt for other under eye concealers (please comment if you have one that you love). If I have any acne spots I usually cover them up with the Benefit Erase Paste.

4.) I normally set everything (a light dusting) with the Origins Brighter By Nature face powder with a big fluffy brush. I’m not even sure that they still sell this stuff because I remember buying it at a cosmetics outlet by me. I wasn’t a big fan of this when I first bought it and thought it just made my face feel heavy. But again, once I ran out of my Clinique face powder, I decided to give it a go. Not the best face powder in the world, but it does the job (please comment if you have a face powder you are loving!).

origins face powder

5.) Then I apply the fun stuff! Bronzer and blush! For bronzer, I always use my Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in Golden Light, and I just hit pan on it a while back so I’m getting sad! This has been the best bronzer I have ever used by far! I don’t usually “contour” per say, but I do just have a light dusting of it all on my cheek bones. As for blush, I do like to change it up a bit. But I’ve really been liking the bhCosmetics floral blush duo in Rose. I haven’t used the bright pink shade but I have been using that sort of dusty rose shade.

6.) If I wear shadow, I do like to switch it up, but if I’m in a rush to run errands or go to class, I typically stick to All That Glitters by MAC. It’s a simple champagne color that’s perfect for everyday wear.

all that glitters

7.) I’ve been really into liquid liner lately and am becoming more confident using it. Most times I don’t add a wing, but I might add it if I’m feeling a little bit edgy. I’m currently using the bhCosmetics liquid liner.

bh liquid liner

8.) As for mascaras, I don’t usually buy “high end” types. I feel like there are so many amazing drugstore mascaras and they go bad so quickly. I’m using the Rimmel Scandaleyes Xtreme and I love the two different brushes for lengthening and volume.

rimmel scandaleye

9.) Lastly, I apply lip gloss. I use the Lorac Lip Lustre Gloss in Ruby. It’s perfect because it adds just the right amount of pop of color after I blot some of it off.


That’s all folks! I hope you guys at least got a feel for the kinds of products I reach for! I’ll have tutorials and product reviews up soon!