Clinique: A hit and a miss…

Hey everyone! I hope you all are having a great summer so far! I’ve mostly been working and completing two summer courses, so I’m clearly having a fun-filled one!

Anyways, I wanted to talk about a brand that I just love: Clinique. So I’ve always been a huge fan, because of their hypoallergenic qualities and it’s what my Mom usually uses on her face. I’ve just always been exposed to it. I’ve managed to try a boat load of their products between my Mom and I and I’d like to share some of the products that have worked for me and some that just missed the mark.

Hit: Eyeshadow Quads

I always run into the problem where shadow quads are literally just the same color in different shades. Like I want something unique and different, but can still make something cohesive. Clinque does this pretty well. If I want to go for a simple neutral look for work or school I can do that, but it also gives me some options for a going out look. My absolute favorite quad is one that I have pictured below.


**Note all of these shades are just part of other duos, so I’m listing what those duos are. Top left-Sand dunes; top right- morning java; bottom left- limited edition gold shade (not part of a duo); and bottom right shade- on safari

That gold shade is my life. Like it’s just perfect. It looks like I haven’t used the darker shades a lot, but really it doesn’t take much of them to show up! I frequently turn to this quad for a smokey going out look whenever I hit the bar with my friends, but I’ll swipe on that gold shade for a ready day look. It might be hard to tell but the safari shade has little gold flakes in it so it matches so well with that gold shade!

Miss: Lip Chubby Sticks

Okay so no lie I own like five of these and still wear them from time to time, but I do have some problems with them. I have some swatches below.


From left to right: 03 Fuller Fig; 02 Whole Lotta Honey; 09 Heaping Hazelnut; (from the intense line): 06 Roomiest Rose

All cute colors, but I cannot seem to make them last on my lips for more than a few hours. I still wear them if I’m running a quick errand, but I do find that if I wear them I have to take them with me to reapply.

What products by Clinque were hits and misses for you? Let me know!



Current Makeup Routine

Yay for my first beauty related post! I’m honestly just posting this so you all can get a feel for what products I like. I would post pictures of myself but my nice camera is having some glitches right now.

1.) First I start off with applying the Mary Kay Oil Mattifier all in my T-Zone (around my nose). This is where my face gets the most oily throughout the day so I need a product to help me out and this one seems to be doing the trick!

oil mattifier

2.) Then I go ahead and put on my foundation. I’ve been using the  Clinique Beyond Perfecting foundation and I use the applicator to put it on my face and go back with a BH Cosmetics 30 Brush to blend it in. I cannot tell you how much I just love this foundation. It gives me just the right amount of coverage and Clinique products hardly ever fail me.

3.) I’ve been currently using the treStique mini concealer crayon for my undereyes for the time being (I use the color bisque). It came in my birchbox while I was at school and I reached for it when my Clinique concealer ran out. It’s been doing the job, but I am on the hunt for other under eye concealers (please comment if you have one that you love). If I have any acne spots I usually cover them up with the Benefit Erase Paste.

4.) I normally set everything (a light dusting) with the Origins Brighter By Nature face powder with a big fluffy brush. I’m not even sure that they still sell this stuff because I remember buying it at a cosmetics outlet by me. I wasn’t a big fan of this when I first bought it and thought it just made my face feel heavy. But again, once I ran out of my Clinique face powder, I decided to give it a go. Not the best face powder in the world, but it does the job (please comment if you have a face powder you are loving!).

origins face powder

5.) Then I apply the fun stuff! Bronzer and blush! For bronzer, I always use my Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in Golden Light, and I just hit pan on it a while back so I’m getting sad! This has been the best bronzer I have ever used by far! I don’t usually “contour” per say, but I do just have a light dusting of it all on my cheek bones. As for blush, I do like to change it up a bit. But I’ve really been liking the bhCosmetics floral blush duo in Rose. I haven’t used the bright pink shade but I have been using that sort of dusty rose shade.

6.) If I wear shadow, I do like to switch it up, but if I’m in a rush to run errands or go to class, I typically stick to All That Glitters by MAC. It’s a simple champagne color that’s perfect for everyday wear.

all that glitters

7.) I’ve been really into liquid liner lately and am becoming more confident using it. Most times I don’t add a wing, but I might add it if I’m feeling a little bit edgy. I’m currently using the bhCosmetics liquid liner.

bh liquid liner

8.) As for mascaras, I don’t usually buy “high end” types. I feel like there are so many amazing drugstore mascaras and they go bad so quickly. I’m using the Rimmel Scandaleyes Xtreme and I love the two different brushes for lengthening and volume.

rimmel scandaleye

9.) Lastly, I apply lip gloss. I use the Lorac Lip Lustre Gloss in Ruby. It’s perfect because it adds just the right amount of pop of color after I blot some of it off.


That’s all folks! I hope you guys at least got a feel for the kinds of products I reach for! I’ll have tutorials and product reviews up soon!